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Songs of Udit Narayan Jha

Udit Narayan Jha (Hindi: उदित नारायण झा), popularly known as Udit Narayan is a playback singer in commercial Hindi, Urdu , Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya and Nepali language cinema. Narayan has sung more than 15,000 songs in more than 30 different languages. He is also a recipient of the Padma Shri award, one of India's highest civilian honours, which he received in 2009.

Nepali Remix Songs

We have lots of Nepali Remix songs.

Here are the few collections we have in our gallery.

Songs of Mantra Band

Mantra, a Nepalese musical band from Darjeeling has created waves in the Darjeeling hills through its ravaging music which has swept like a wild fire. I was there when they had performed during the Darjeeling Carnival and what I can say is that "They have become pros". The musical concert was jam packed and not even an inch was empty - it seems that the whole crowd was bouncing back and forth to the tune which mantra was playing.They are quite popular in Darjeeling as well as North East India and Nepal.

Click below the download link to download the songs of Mantra Band.

Song:- Bir Gorkhali

Song:- Ekantama

Song:- Om Bhur Bhuwaswaha

Song:- Pari

Song:- Rimjhim Rimjhim

Song:- Sara Sansar

Song:- Bajeko Palo

Song:- Sanskriti

Song:- Timinai Hou

Song:- X-Generation

Song:- Aakasaima

Song:- Eklai

Song:- Himali Nepali

Song:- Katha

Song:- Sa na na

Song:- Samay

Song:- Samjhana


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Songs of Aastha Band

Download the songs of Aastha Band by clicking below the link.

Song:- Harpal

Song:- Ek Mauka

Song:- Timi Aaunu

Song:- Antim Maya

Songs of Ram Krishna Dhakal

Ramkrishna Dhakal is a very famous young musical artist or more specifically a singer (of modern-flavored songs) from Nepal. He started his musical carrier since his early childhood by singing famous songs by Narayan Gopal - also known as Swor-samrat (= Emperor of Voice). During his early period he struggled by singing amongst his group but after he got a break he established himself as one of the best Nepali singers. He rose to fame with his song "Orali lageko harin ko chhal bho". As a small kid, he used to sing at social functions and events. People were impressed by his singing ability and voice (although not mature). He modelled his singing style after Narayan Gopal; Dhakal acknowledges that he is a big fan of the late maestro. It would be fair to say that he benefitted from the void left by Narayan Gopal's death. People were looking for some one to fill the void. In fact, they were looking for the next Narayan Gopal. He has been successful so far.

He has released several very popular albums of modern songs/ghazals (adhunik geet). All his album names so far have started with the letter "A". Aashish, Aashirbad, Asha, Aroha, Aashraye, Adhar, and Aagraha. Among them, Aasha is the most popular album.

Apart from adhunik geet, he has also sung bhajans and patriotic songs (rastriya geet) and many film songs. RamKrishna Dhakal also acted in (a lead role) in a Nepali film, Aashirbad. The story was based or inspired by his own personal story of struggle and his rise to fame helped by his god-father Gopal Karmacharya. It was a successful film, partly aided by good music.(Music is composed by Sambhujit Banskota). His most recent song [Bihani Pakha Surya Le Bhanchha Sagarmatha Lai...] has been a great hit all over the world, especially in Nepalese community worldwide. The music is given by Nhyoo Bajracharya and Lyrics by Prem Guragain, Itahara, Morang, Nepal. He is one of the most popular singer in Nepal.

Click below the link to download the songs of Ram Krishna Dhakal.

Song:- Charile ta Chhadera

Song:- Daiba Tero

Song:- Timi Joon Hai

Song:- Zindagile Yesari

Song:- Bihana Uthane Bittikai

Song:- Kahile Mitho

Song:- Risauda Ni Aafnai

Avinash Ghising

Avinash Ghising has been one of the remarkable singer from his initial days on music industry. He is popular for his unique pattern of mixing melodious songs and raps. In those times, it was a wonderful moments doing concerts in major cities of Nepal and abroad countries as well. In International programs, he has attended performed concerts in India (Darjeeling), Israel Dubai and Singapore as well. A sudden blow of pleasure came in my life after being nominated as a "Best Vocal Performance Rock & Others" in 7th "Annual Image Award and "Best Performance Group or Duo" in Hits F.M Music Award on 2004 A.D. "Annul Image Award 2008 record of the year nominated Champa also awarded same song as Best Recording of the Year 2008 A.D.

Finally, he discovered himself as a professional singer in front of public and keep continuing recording music videos and then, he released the album Hill Area in 2007 A.D.

Climbing the steps of ladder, his music video was again nominated as a "Best Music Video of the Year" and "Best Music Video special effect of the Year" in 8th Annual Image Award on the Year 2005 A.D. On the year 2006 A.D. my song "Lasha ko Chiso" has been included in the documentary film "Dancing Kathmandu" which is directed by Sangita Shresthova. Lastly,he would like to thank all the music lovers who bought and listens my albums from inner core of the heart and also want to thanks once again for keeping me and loving me in this stage of Nepali's music. Thanks to all of them for keeping me in their heart as Avinash Ghising. Lastly, he wanna request all the music lovers and my fans to listen my upcoming albums with their sensual ears, rocking with the tones created by me for this Crazy World.

Download the songs of Avinash Ghising by clicking download link below.

Song:- Kalkatte Kaiyo

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